Calle Crisologo

In every place we visit, we usually would drop by at its museum. Museums depict a certain place’s history. Vigan, one of the most historical places in the Philippines, is like a very big museum. Every attraction has a remarkable story which would always lead to the Spanish revolution wayback 1900. I was very much impressed with the architectural designs of the old buildings and old churches. One way or another, it was quite gratifying that the Spaniards built such buildings.

Vigan Cathedral

Another Cathedral

The Bell Tower

Visiting the old house (Syquia Mansion) of the late Elpidio Quirino (6th President of the Philippines) was like reminiscing the times of yore. It’s amazing how Filipinos, especially those from the affluent families, speak in Spanish and act like dons and donas.

The History


An ancient Mess Table

Crisologo Street—one of the most famous streets within Heritage Village.

Crisologo Street during the day

Filled with history? It’s probably time to play with cute animals in Baluarte Zoo. The zoo is for everyone—it’s FREE! It’s owned by Chavit Singson, a politician who was so much inlove with tigers, I think. He’s generous enough to let the people have a glance of his favorite pets for free.

Dinosaur alike

Deers everywhere

Amazing Llama



Next time you’re looking for a historical place, include Vigan in your list. You’ll surely be enlightened with Philippine history plus you’ll have so much fun, fun, fun!

Carriage along the streets

Carriage along Calle Crisologo



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