Overlooking mountains and lush green meadows and a lot of trees, the highest point as they call it, is really the highest point in Benguet, I guess.

Philippines’ Highest Point (for highways), found in Halsema HighwayAtok, Benguet has an elevation of 7,400 feet (2.339 meters).

Bikers and motorcyclist are often spotted in this area exploring the place and savoring the beauty of nature.

Amazing how the indegenous people enjoy placing their homes on top of the mountains. It’s quite inconvenient if you’ll take a look at it because it’s too far from civilization but I realized that being with nature is probably one of the most rewarding experience we can have on earth.

Sunset in Atok, Benguet. Got this from a good source.

Varieties of  flowers and plants on sides of the mountains.

This is the view from the highway. See those houses over there?

Look at those trees, they’re like a family. You see those freshly harvested carrots , they look crisp and yummy.

Another mountain on top of those trees.

Benguet truly is a dwelling place of nature specifically mountains and rivers.


2 thoughts on “THE HIGHEST POINT

  1. With all due respect to the admin, may we humbly know your source whybu enclosed that Halsema Highway is now known as Benigno Aquino Highway? Is there already a legislative act renaming it? Kindly furnished us your source for us to be enlightened as many were left unaware of such renaming if indeed there is…. Kindly publish ur supplemental article for the renaming as u enclosed… Thank you

    • Good evening maam/sir! I am very sorry for such a stupid mistake. I don’t even remember including a highway that doesn’t exist. I was so careless in publishing the blog without proofreading. I am terribly sorry. I already edited it. My apologies. I dont even know where I got that stupid idea. Thank you for correcting me, I appreciate it. 🙂

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