“Badekbek” – Bokod’s Hidden Treasure

When we talk about relaxation, Asian people would always include spa, sauna and massage on their list. Massage shops and spa centers are flourishing like mushrooms all over Asia especially in Japan and South Korea.

Nowadays, Filipinos are into this kind of industry. It’s becoming a trend. More and more, the number of Filipino women obsessed with this “detente” is increasing even more.

I was given a chance to visit one of the sought-after Sulfur Springs found in the mountainous area of Daclan, Bokod in the province of Benguet.  The place is called “Badekbek”, an Ibaloi term for “boiling water”. It is found at the heart of those gigantic and verdant mountains.

In between these mountains lies the Sulfur Spring

Way to  Badekbek

Way to Badekbek

It’s quite surprising that such place exists at the mid of the mountains. And the question, how did it come about?

The strong smell of sulfur and the sound of boiling “water” would catch anyone’s attention upon arriving at the steep way going to the mysterious spring. Everything is tinted with white, pale yellow and orange shade including the rocks and the soil itself.

Welcome to Badekbek!

Welcome to Badekbek!

On the way, the sound of steam from small holes all over is amazingly disturbing. It was my first time to see such and I was honestly afraid yet still persistent to explore the place more.

It isn’t actually a spring. According to how I see it, it’s more of a volcano unceasingly boiling and pouring out its lava to the surface of the Earth.



According to residents near the area, some Volcanologist have studied the said spring and declared it to be a “dead volcano”.



Now, the most interesting part is that people visit Badekbek for its therapeutic and healing powers. We are all aware of the benefits we can get from spring and you can avail all those for free in this mysterious place. There’s a small pool for those who are in need of revival and strength from their skin and joint diseases. The sulfur is believed to end all your bad days because those nasty diseases you’re feeling. So if you have time, feel free to see this place for yourself.

Enjoy Badekbek, enjoy Bokod, enjoy Benguet!


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