Are you a fan of flora and fauna, gardens and anything related to plants and some kind of zoo animals? You might want to visit one of the hidden treasures of La Union – the Botanical Garden. It’s located on top of the mountain in one of the small towns near San Fernando. It takes like 20-30 minutes by jeepney or private car. You have to be aware though that going there without a hired transportation would be somewhat difficult because tricycles can’t go up there and there are just a handful jeepneys going that route. Moreover, even if you’re able to get a jeepney to the top of the mountain, getting a jeepney going back to town would be as difficult. It would be much easier if you hire transportation or better yet bring your own car, if you have one.


The place is perfectly fashioned for people who’d love to be part and indulge themselves to nature. With all those beautiful flowers planted all over the mountain, you’ll definitely be at peace with nature. The entrance alone speaks of serenity and beauty. By the way, entrance fee is only ten pesos – very affordable. The entrance fee is for the maintenance of the area.


Continue strolling and surely, beautiful flowers will greet not far from the entrance. They’re amazingly adorable and attractive. Wow, I’m running out of adjectives to describe them. They’re just picturesque.




I just can’t stop taking pictures of these such wonderful creations out there. I’ve seen these before, yes, but seeing them just lingering around the mountains is just amazing.

The Botanical Garden also features a mini zoo. I’m not really sure if I could call it a zoo because it doesn’t look like it but they have some zoo animals in cages. Although the animals are not well taken care of ( too obvious from how they and the cages look like) it’s still surprising to see them survive (lol!).



Anyway, the zoo might not be as good as I’ve expected, but the place is still fascinating. At the back of the mini zoo, there’s a small cottage with a small bridge and a really huge tree (I’m a fan of trees) and some other smaller trees which I haven’t seen before so they’re some kind of new to me.




The quest is unending. There are too many trails that you could choose from. We chose to navigate the part going to some kind of a mini children’s park. Well, I was too surprised to see the children’s park and so I’ve tried the slides and the swing. It’s always happy to be a child sometimes.



From the children’s park, we paved our way to a bamboo trail leading to some kind of Japanese park. The Bamboo trail was really cool and but it gave me goosebumps imagining those snakes that might come out from everywhere. Good thing there were no snakes (lol).


The Japanese Park is clean and cozy. It’s the park where you just want to sit and savor the beauty and the serenity of the place.


Well, that’s the end of the trail. It was a long winding path on the mountains but it was all worth it. Being a part of nature and savoring the beauty of the meadows and the greens brought me something that I would always cherish simply because I consider myself as a nature lover, in a way.



Visit Botanical Garden, visit San Fernando, La Union. ❤


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