The Waters of Tayug

It’s a Saturday. A day for relaxation. A day to savor for it is the only day I can rest from a whole week’s pressure and stress from work. But today is different. It’s different because it is the day to go out and relax outside. Feel nature’s gift and savor the quietness of the environment only the mountains and the trees can ever give.

So my co-workers and I decided to explore one of the places in Tayug, Pangasinan. It’s a 2-hour hike from the base of the mountain. Since it’s a group hiking, the walk was never dull but full of fun and laughter.

Rice paddies were already dried up after a harvest last month. The farmers are preparing the land for sowing. Also, flowers are planted lining up the the pathway going to the hidden paradise.


After some time, we came to a river. Of course, my photographic instinct worked naturally. Taking some pictures of the river gave me real joy. My co-workers can’t stop taking their selfie with the river as their background. I can’t blame them, the view is just awesome.


After walking for some more minutes, we finally reached our destination – a water falls. Yay! The walk uphill was a little tiring but who would even think of complaining after seeing this?  Waterfalls never fail to amaze me. I’ve seen different waterfalls from different places in my country but they always bring joy to my heart. They are just as wonderful.



It is a place perfect for relaxation and fun. It’s not that famous, though, so if ever you’re planning of visiting this place, ask a local to guide you. Enjoy the cool waters of Tayug Waterfalls.

It’s more fun in the Philippines, it’s more fun in Tayug 🙂


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