Zambales, it is.

Zambales. A place of solitude, they say.

Embrace the cool zephyr of the sea;

Feel the tenderness of the powdery white sand;

Lull to sleep like eternity.


It has always been my dream to visit this “beautiful” place. It was the end of the rainy season when my friend and I decided to finally experience the feeling of Zambales. (I wouldn’t chronicle how we eventually reach the place because I think there are heaps of information about it in the internet.) So we finally ended up in one of the cheapest inns (700 Ph pesos per night) and the next day we started the most awaited island hopping. Unluckily, the waves are too high according to the boatmen and so, we were brought Β to the “idk” islands which really disappointed me even until I got home. It was the Zambales I have never expected and those people — I don’t know. I might just want to go back there again and have a decent tour with decent people (atleast those who don’t rip off tourists) 😦


one of the most fascinating view from the boat during the island tour

They say, this island is one of the best but I don’t think there’s much to do there but look at the waves, play with the pebbles in the shore and enjoy the scorching heat of the sun.



Honestly, this island quite became our comfort zone. We stayed there the longest because it’s a little captivating compared to the others. It’s serene and the water is inviting. We had a dip and truly the water is so relaxing not to mention the corals that might hurt you in the middle of your swim.


I amazingly had fun in this island. Forgot the name though. (sorry for the bright shot)


Not all travels can be successful but enjoying the place, the people you’re with and the culture could make up for the rip offs. After all, the purpose of traveling is to learn something and in this particular Zambales visit, I learned that not all people (especially boatmen) can be trusted 😦

See you soon Zambales for a more fun tour πŸ™‚


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